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Resettlement and asylum

Refugees in America Crisis Watch

The United States has a long tradition of offering refuge to those fleeing persecution and war. However, the Trump Administration, citing unfounded security concerns, put a travel ban in place, slashed refugee arrivals to their lowest levels ever, and separated families while criminalizing desperate people seeking asylum.

The IRC responds to the U.S. presidential election being called for Joe Biden

  • As a candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden made bold commitments to welcome 125,000 refugees annually.

  • His election comes after the Trump Administration set the fiscal year 2021 refugee admissions target at 15,000, the lowest in the history of the program.

  • The IRC looks forward to working constructively with the new Administration, using our experience and expertise to support evidence-based policy making that honors America’s America’s deepest traditions of humanitarian leadership.

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Refugees are men, women and children fleeing war, persecution and political upheaval who have crossed borders to seek safety in another country. Most eventually go 比特币的网址home when it’s safe, some stay in temporary refugee settlements, and a tiny fraction resettle in a third country, such as the U.S.

The IRC's impact

In the United States in 2019, the IRC helped:


individuals from refugee and immigrant communities

We help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and regain control of their future.

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refugees resettle across the country and rebuild their lives

The IRC helps refugees fleeing war and persecution to rebuild their lives in over 20 U.S. cities.

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people with training to help them build careers and income.

Our economic empowerment support includes financial coaching, vocational training and asset building.

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Stories of welcome

When we welcome refugees, they change our lives and communities for the better.

  • I wanted someone to teach me things related to the country like laws and regulations. But then we became close friends and I see him as a father. My children call him Grandpa Dave. "
    A refugee from Congo, Robert Sebatware was surprised when a stranger on his doorstep quickly became one of his closest friends.
  • If I didn’t have Kim’s friendship or the friendships of many people I’ve met in this country, I would feel like I did when I was a young girl: completely alone. "
    As a transgender woman in Honduras, fashion designer Lincy Sopall faced abuse, violence and persecution. Then she found welcome as her first customer in the U.S. became her closest friend.
  • Charlee mentioned I impacted her confidence, but that’s something I learned from her ... You don’t realize that you are impacting other people’s lives. That was really touching to hear."
    Christelle Igihozo, a college student and aspiring actress from Congo, has helped her first friends in the U.S. believe in themselves.