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A woman at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya
Where we focus

Women & Girls

Women and girls—particularly in places affected by crisis—face discrimination, violence, and a lack of equal opportunities that threaten their lives and rob them of their potential. But with the right support and investment, they can change their own future and uplift entire communities. They can change the world.

Our goals

The International Rescue Committee is proud to fight for a world where women and girls have an equal chance to succeed.
  • Women and girls see real improvements to their safety, health, education, economic wellbeing, and their ability to make decisions that affect their lives.

    How we get there:

    Women's rights are human rights. The IRC is working to break down barriers for women and girls and ensure gender equality is a cornerstone of all of our programs.

    See our work in action.

  • As many women as possible have the ability and power to create real change in their lives and communities.

    How we get there:

    We will work with women and girls of all ages to help them thrive. And we will rigorously measure the impact of IRC programs and share what we’ve learned with other organizations.

    Stand with women and girls.

  • All people, regardless of their gender, enjoy the same rights and opportunities.

    How we get there:

    Narrowing the gender gap calls for addressing inequalities within our own organization, both through our hiring practices and how we operate day-to-day.

    Read our Gender Action Plan.

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