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smiling children eagerly raise their hands in a classroom in Nigeria
Reimagined. Reignited. Renewed.

GenR: Generation Rescue 2020

Generation Rescue—GenR for short—is a group of young, passionate, humanitarians who have joined forces with the International Rescue Committee to help refugees and displaced persons survive, recover and regain control of their futures.

About GenR 2020

This moment is unlike any other. Around the world, people are waking up to the individual power they have to ignite change. They are seeing that our fate is interconnected...and that we can do more to support each other. It is with this spirit of hope and urgency that the International Rescue Committee joyfully invites you to the relaunch of Generation Rescue. We need your help!

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What is new in the relaunch?

In addition to the larger GenR Community, we’re assembling a dynamic leadership team consisting of a National Steering Committee and Local Liaisons who will usher GenR into a new era. We’re looking for young professionals like you to stand with refugees by sharing their stories, and promoting IRC campaigns and advocacy actions throughout the year. 

This group will serve as the anchor to building a strong GenR community. Its collective philanthropy and passion will help refugees and displaced individuals in the U.S. and around the world. As thought partners, you will connect through quarterly strategy meetings to promote the long-term amplification of refugee voices. 

How do I get involved as a leader?

As a core leader of the GenR community, you commit to:

  • Participating in strategic planning sessions
  • Identifying the IRC as your top charity with a leadership gift
  • Being a champion of the IRC’s mission
  • Learning about how the IRC is responding to COVID-19
  • Leading initiatives across markets where the IRC works
  • Serving as a voice on refugee advocacy days
  • Spreading the word on social media about challenges refugees face and why help is needed
  • Inspiring friends and colleagues to join the GenR Community

Want to learn more about these leadership opportunities? 

Send your note of inquiry to [email protected]. We will be happy to hear from you! 

Are there other ways to be part of GenR?

Leadership opportunities sound great, but you're looking for less of a commitment? Great! We need champions at all levels: Renew your support with a monthly gift and you’ll receive quarterly updates on the IRC’s work and GenR campaigns. 

By recommitting to GenR, you can make sure refugees are not forgotten. This is an invitation to help the most vulnerable, especially young people, at a time when the global community is looking away. This is about demanding more of ourselves and each other. We know that so much of the world’s suffering is avoidable. Joining GenR affirms that even though we are separated by geographical distance, we see each other’s pain. More importantly we see each other’s humanity. Things do not have to remain as they are. 

Why do refugees need help now?

There are more refugees than any time in history — and half of them are young people. With the spread of COVID-19, displaced communities are now facing a double emergency. Entire generations that could be future artists, inventors, doctors, intellectuals, and leaders are at risk of being lost or neglected.  

By championing the IRC as part of GenR, you will support our work in more than 40 countries worldwide. This includes Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and the United States. Your support will help refugees who have already endured so much and deserve access to safety, shelter, health care and education. By joining us, you can give them the tools to reclaim their futures.

What happens next?

When you sign up to lead and donate monthly, you will receive a next steps email newsletter. If you join the GenR Steering Committee, you will also receive invitations for GenR reboot meetings. 

Overall, we will be counting on you to stay involved. Some weeks that will mean watching an update video. Some weeks it will mean emailing your congressperson on behalf of refugees. We will also invite you to share refugee stories on social media, and spread the word about fundraisers and events. 

Aren’t you going to close with an Einstein quote?

Yes, of course :) Albert Einstein, who was a refugee — and helped found the IRC! — once said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” He also said, “Creativity is more important than knowledge.”

The bottom line is: We have the facts about what refugees are up against. We need your creativity and ideas to help them. We need your time, care and enthusiasm. We need people like you, who believe the world can be better...and are willing to act on that belief.